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13 Things about Digital Marketing you May not Have Known


13 Things about Digital Marketing you May not Have Known

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Where content is a fire, the digital platform works as gasoline. In today’s time, digital presence is contemplated as one of the most dependable presence. And if your business goes online, then nothing can hold it back.

Digital Marketing forms a unique platform for your business to engage and meet the speed of fast-moving consumers. The trends are changing rapidly, providing countless opportunities every second, even digital marketers experiencing these drastic transformations.

Here are few lesser-known digital marketing facts that don’t paint a whole picture for you but are worth knowing to win over this digital terrain.

#1 Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising

The term peddles as digital marketing is actually advertising through the digital medium. When today’s marketers proudly flaunt their label as digital marketers, they’re no different from, say, television marketers. Though digital advertising tools vary from magazine, TV, and more, and need special plans and execution too. But the fundaments of advertising and marketing remain the same.

#2 Expanding Budget

In the year 2017, when for the first time, the budget for digital marketing exceeds TV ads’ spending. It was reported, the spending amount differs for almost $5.36 billion.

#3 Higher Market Revenue and Reach

In the last five years, we have seen an expected revenue growth from Digital Marketing platforms. With the help of tools like SEO, Google Ads, and more, companies and brands reaches the global marketplace.

#4 Mobile Marketing is Winning Over

People are more engaged in searches on mobile devices than on tabs or desktops in almost ten big countries, Google announced recently. It evokes a dire need for mobile apps, which is, of course, customer friendly.

#5 Growth of User and Dependency

It is seen how rapidly the internet users have increased in merely five years. It was estimated to reach double in 2022, as of what it was in 2017. The growth of internet users comes with the baggage of serving them well to meet their requirements. On the other hand, a digital marketer needs to serve the brand as well.

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#6 Creativity and Engagement, Goes Hand in Hand

As the web user growth is increasing every second; more people are using social sites that enhance the rate of engagement. Here a digital marketer needs to offer quality creative content to entertain their consumers to keep them engaged.

#7 Content is King

Content Marketing is one of the keys for winning the online marketing game. Create good content that fulfills the exact requirement of your customer. A good piece of content (blogs, posts, infographics, videos, etc.) should be informative and widely used to bring in more traffic.

#8 Live Streaming, Live Marketing

Digital Marketers have managed to convert this social media feature into dollar signs. Live streaming of inside operations engages customers, making them curious about the brand and its in-house info. It is more interactive, transparent, and harness potential customers in no time.

#9 Feed it Back

Online reviews and feedbacks put a massive impression on your digital marketing game. Great reviews will make it an easy sail, and bad reviews can turn things down for the business. Great reviews also strengthen your SEO.

#10 ROI with Email

Emails are generally easy to send and are cheap too, but roughly get the desired attention. With emails, sending promotions, newsletters, and confirmations generate customer loyalty and a strong ROI.

#11 Things you Understand

While proving oneself, we generally invest or pitch into complex services. Being a marketer, you need to understand the tech solution you’re working on to offer the best customer experience. So never invest in something you cannot understand.

#12 Not Just Pushing Through the Door

Initially, a marketer’s job was to get the customer through the door. But today, a marketer needs to be concerned about after the process as well. Digital Marketer, today, bring the traffic and also follows up the entire customer conversion process.

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Measure your Actions

It is not as easy as it looks. Its spectrum is broader, as it is the most influential way of advertising and selling. Digital Marketing is growing every day and changing its dynamics every moment. A digital marketer needs to be adaptive, agile, and smart to level up with the latest changes. Digital Marketing is a comprehensive platform that keeps on evolving. The trends changes before it would reach everyone. To be a part of this digital landscape, you need to keep up with it.


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13 Things about Digital Marketing you May not Have Known

Where content is a fire, the digital platform works as gasoline.

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