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5 Steps to create a SM application and be prepared for its technical challenges


5 Steps to create a SM application and be prepared for its technical challenges

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But before we dive in deep, let us get the basics sorted. First things first, what do you think is a social media platform? Here, we got you, Social media is an online platform that serves people the connection across the world. Same interests, family, friends, business and much more variety of connections can be linked on this platform. Apart from connections, Social media is a very powerful marketing tool and an essential feature to be seen and heard for opinions.

Since you are here now, let us dig into the steps to create a Social Media platform.

#1 - Purpose and Audience of interest

What will your social media be about? Which kind of audience will love it? Readers, Painters, Businessmen, Dating? Find your niche and the rest will get filtered automatically. Your purpose and right kind of audience gives you a solid motto to focus ahead on building the social media application.

#2 - Features and Functions

Getting lost in ideas is easy, sticking to one and implementing it isn’t. What most of the entrepreneurs do at the early stages is they have scattered focus. Zero clarity serves confusion and confusion brings only one conclusion - no audience! So it is vital for you to brief your features and functions. Once you have that clarity, you can proceed in several different ways after launching the basics. Decide what your app does, what you serve, your purpose, everything, make it clear.

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#3 - Development and Design

After you have outlined the core features and functions, it's time for you to proceed with development and design. So, your application is just for iOS or Android or both? As both use different technical stacks. If you are planning on a SaaS solution then this shouldn’t be your concern. But if you are building from scratch then note that the development process can be time and money consuming - both. Start by wireframing your application, and thus helping your team visualise how it works and what pages are linked. Next - Prototype, create a working model of the app. Understand it better, revamp it and proceed to the last final steps of development.

#4 - Expand your community

Once the app is developed, it's time to let your audience know what you have in the house to serve their platters. Also, explaining what your app does which rest of the SM apps don’t is a fine key to tune into your audience. Explain your solutions. Market your presence and promote the application. Ask the audience to install the app and make the most out of it.

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#5 - Analysis

To know how your app is growing, the success rates, feedback, critiques, and much more you can use Analytic tools. This helps you map your further route towards rectifying the errors or modifying further features. Proper graph plotting is a mandatory tool to keep a track of the app engagement among your audience. Necessary actions made after analysing can produce fruitful results.

Technical issues caused while building an application

Let’s begin with the development approach. From the start you have to be super cautious about each and every step you implement in your application. The more ignorant you get, the more you invite troubles for later which you cannot even figure out. Developers need to be sure of what kind of approach they’d be implementing and strategise the UI/UX accordingly. Next is the device compatibility and screen sizing, as every business yours too aims for a fine first impression. OS selection is important at this step, as Apple and Android both demand different procedures. So as an entrepreneur, do a well researched execution on the elements. Ensure that it works smooth on phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and varied others without compromising resolution and pixel density.

Target the attention of your potential users. Have precise knowledge on your promotion strategies. Your app shouldn’t be just another one available on the online stores. Invest in PR and marketing to seek attention and gather an audience. Complexity of application is another issue on the surface. Ensure that it gives a user friendly presence to all your audience. Make it simpler, witty and clean. Too much complexity is a turn off. Check in with your app performance. Be there to help out your customers in having a smooth experience. Bugs, errors are something which may come from time to time. Constant updates must be sent for better functioning and featuring new classic features.


To conclude, application development may have several barriers but every obstacle helps you be a better entrepreneur out there and the one who is actually implementing little changes for your customers. Plan your idea for an SM application today with Allied Technologies. The world can’t wait to see your innovation. Come forth and we got you.


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