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Amazon Marketing

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Amazon is a goldmine of everyday products- luxury products and everything in-between. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites that provide customers with more options than ever. Small sellers to larger brands have increased their profits exponentially by selling on Amazon. One of the primary reasons for it is the trust and faith we have on Amazon, not just in India but worldwide. Amazon has quickly become the go-to website for almost everyone. We know- all great things come with a catch. Amazon is a fantastic platform for e-commerce; however, it has a vast field of competition. Suppose you are thinking of or already have products available for selling on Amazon. In that case, you will need a solid marketing strategy to ensure that your company can benefit from Amazon’s resources and platform. Formulating a marketing strategy is not often easy. Try thinking like your customer. First impressions matter! Imagine, if you were on Amazon looking for a hairbrush. You click on the first product you see, and the pictures don’t appeal to you. What would you do? Mostly, likely, you’ll skip to another company’s hairbrush. Images can seldom cause the shopper, your customer to keep scrolling on your other products too if they like what they see. Make sure your product has a detailed description and great images!

Amazon has extended the “Enhanced Brand Content” privilege to sellers on Amazon now, whereas, prior, it was only reserved for products sold by Amazon. Enhanced Brand Content will allow your business to enhance your product description, add more photos and more. Another marketing strategy that we have all heard of is SEO. However, not all of us know how to make use of it. If you are a seller on Amazon, it is crucial to understand the Amazon algorithm. For instance, when customers are on Amazon looking for a toothpaste, they might type “Colgate”. This search will show Colgate’s results; however, if you are a new toothpaste brand that is not very well-known, this most likely will reduce your chances of sales conversions. As an Amazon seller, you must focus on visibility, relevance and finally, conversions. Be mindful of formulating your description with keywords used by your target consumers. It increases your visibility on Amazon and makes your journey easier. Bullet points are another great marketing strategy on Amazon. While this won’t impact your ranking on Amazon, it is vital for conversion rate and product relevance- both a significant aspect in Amazon SERP. For instance, if you are a company selling phone cases, mentioning the brands and models, your phone cases are compatible with will prove extremely important. This will also act as your SEO. Amazon also offers Sponsored Product Ads that are a part of the product listing during searches. The best part is- the sponsored product ad will be on the top of the list, making customers or viewers click on it first. This is extremely powerful and useful. If you are a more recent business and are thinking of listing on Amazon- go for it! Amazon has excellent opportunities for all sellers, leveraging growth in campaigns and optimizing for increased sales.


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