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Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing has been crucial to not just building businesses but also jump-starting saturated industries. One of the primary reasons for this is Facebook’s popularity and the wide range of Facebook users. Front the 90s babies to Gen Z to even the 70s generation- everyone uses Facebook to connect with people and find out more about their favourite brands! And the best part is- the audience is still growing. Facebook has a strong social influence and presence and is one of the best marketing tools in the digital world globally.

If you have a business that is just setting up, creating a Facebook Page is a great starting point. Your viewers can follow your page, engage with you, and you have the privilege of understanding constructive criticism and giving your customers what they genuinely need and want. This undoubtedly is a great way to raise brand awareness, gather detailed customer insights and of course, advertise.

Businesses will tell you how vital your Facebook business page is to have a detailed yet enticing About section with the best quality and catchy photos. Over time, it has been proven that one of the most powerful strategies for any business active on a social media platform as big as Facebook needs to have reviews. Think from a customers’ perspective- we all want to know what we’re getting before we even get it! Add value to your customer before service, during service and after service!

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Facebook offers unpaid and paid marketing and advertising. For example, you can run a campaign or an ad- it is up to you and your company’s budget. However, the best advice would be to invest in paid advertising for long-term fruits. For instance, Facebook offers two options to companies looking to advertise: Ad Manager and Power Editor. If you are a larger business, our suggestion would be to stick to Power Editor as it gives you more control over a wide range of campaigns. However, if you are not fussy about the nitty-gritty’s and are a smaller enterprise, the Ad Manager would be your best fit.

Facebook is quite possibly, the strongest contender for generating organic reach. It also allows you to integrate your marketing and combine it with several other robust marketing channels, namely, email marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, and let us not forget Facebook messenger ads.

Depending on what your brand represents and stands for, you have options such as a video ad, image ad, lead generation ad, carousel ad and much more. It is for you to decide which marketing format suits your business and appeals the most to your target viewers and customers.

Customer is King- we have all heard it and witnessed it. As a business, you need to make sure that your customers are engaged and more than satisfied with your products or services. Facebook Marketing is instrumental and lucrative; however, you need to know how to use it best. Facebook Messenger can be another great way to communicate with your audience with a more personal touch. Your customers should feel like they are on this journey with you! With Facebook Messenger, you can send your customers videos, text messages to make them feel important- because they are! This is especially helpful if you are trying to gather “after service” reviews.

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