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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose LinkedIn Marketing for Lead Generation- Finest Lead Gen Technique


Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose LinkedIn Marketing for Lead Generation- Finest Lead Gen Technique

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If we put it most simply, lead generation is the primary function of the sales funnel. To cultivate interest in a product or a service, attracting and converting the customers is the primary purpose.

One of the earliest social media platforms, LinkedIn can also be your go-to medium for the marketing purpose of your business. LinkedIn Marketing is becoming dominant in the social media marketing industry, no wonder why 55 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.

Before you market your product or service on LinkedIn, there's one thing that should be cherished foremost: Marketing Strategy.

All the social media platforms are distinct and work on different algorithms. There's a gigantic difference between the audiences of each of them. People on Instagram or Facebook are rather non-identical with those on LinkedIn. So, a different marketing strategy is designated according to every social media platform to generate profitable results.

With an accurate marketing strategy and best advice, you will be all set to start your marketing campaign on LinkedIn. But, why should you try your hands in marketing on a social networking platform like LinkedIn, or simply, how will marketing on LinkedIn benefit you?

Lead generation is regarded as a substantial factor while marketing. If the number of leads generated resembles a goose egg, your marketing tactic is considered unfruitful. Every marketing campaign will have a definite end goal- lead generation. Many companies switch to marketing tactics like brand awareness or huge webinars. Generating leads and conversion are critical factors without which no company can survive in the market. This article will help you find out the exact reasons why you should take out time and switch to LinkedIn Marketing.

Read the reasons mentioned below and find the perfect one to get started now!

#1 Increased Visibility

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It is the most common factor in marketing on any social media platform. But, how is it different on LinkedIn? It is the opposite on LinkedIn as the audience here is career-focused and business-related. You can easily find people who are desperate for you. Hence, more exposure or increased visibility will bring in more leads. As lead generation is our main focus, LinkedIn Marketing can be your finest choice. For increasing the visibility, you can follow the few steps given below:

  1. Usage of Keywords is essential. Well, it's not just on Google where keywords stand beneficial but, even on LinkedIn, if you use relevant keywords, you have the highest chance to escalate organic traffic on your page.
  2. If you are writing microblogs on your profile, make sure to add a few links to your company's website.

#2 LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

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PPC Management is always a helpful device for bringing in customers faster, and LinkedIn Ads for lead generation can help generate quick leads. All the social media platforms work on an algorithm; as already mentioned, they will directly provide you with exposure to the target audience. It instantly helps you promote social entrepreneurship without worrying about the tedious process of organic growth.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are prefilled for using Lead Generation Ads. With this, you can track the campaign's cost per lead generated, and hence you get proven ROI results.

Here you can instantly collect all your leads generated and can measure the impact of the lead generation campaign. CEOs of multinational companies are also switching to LinkedIn, and it's the future.

#3 Customer Relationship Management on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the ideal platform for CEOs and company consultants CRM. Before getting into CRM on LinkedIn, first, we need to understand what CRM exactly is. As per the definition, CRM analyzes the customer or potential customers. It is becoming one of the largest revenue spending platforms, especially software companies. A CRM system is so apt that it gives all the customers' data on a single dashboard. Here, you get to see which customer has interacted with you in the past or are your present customers.

On LinkedIn, a CRM system will help you keep track of your present customers and generate and converse leads. You have a better perspective of your customers as well as other contacts. You can also check up on your customer's real-time activities with this.

It's 2022, and we can claim that social CRM has become a critical LinkedIn tool for big and small enterprises, and it is also one of the integral parts of social networking.

#4 Improved Brand Awareness and Reputation

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We all are aware of the position of LinkedIn being the #1 platform for lead generation. For generating leads, brand awareness is as mandatory as advertising, or you can also say that brand awareness is a part of advertising itself. The top B2B marketers always prioritize brand awareness to improve the brand's reputation. It's ubiquitous for any brand to gain some attention rather than directly stepping into the lead generation pool.

For instance, if you are a new brand and directly stepping into the lead generation process, you can generate leads, but can you convert them? The simple answer is no. If people know nothing about your brand or there's zero reputation in the market, no leads that you've generated will convert. Let's compare Amazon with any other eCommerce website that is a newbie in the market. People will choose and trust Amazon because of its reputation through the years because of the brand awareness programs.

In the end, no leads will become your customer if your brand's reputation hasn't built up. One of the reasons for this is other fraudulent companies who are thugs and have looted hundreds and thousands of people.

Coming back to square one, LinkedIn is a platform with innumerable entrepreneurs, customers, and intellectuals who trust well-built profiles on this official virtual place. Hence, it's the best place to escalate and evaluate your brand's prominence through different crusades. It will automatically bring in organic leads who are your potential customers.

#5 Building Connection with Profile Visitors

What does it mean when someone visits your company's profile? There are multiple answers to this. They might be your potential customers or people who came through your existing customers. On LinkedIn, you can track your profile visitors and gain insights. Engaging publishing content can be insightful to build a relationship with the audience. Your content is interesting, informative, and creative. It tends to make those profile visitors your permanent ones and convert them into customers. It again is a process of lead generation and conversion itself.

Make yourself discoverable by using the optimization in the correct format. As mentioned earlier, SEO and keywords are not just limited to Google, but it also works on LinkedIn. The content that you are publishing should have keywords that are well researched beforehand.

Your customers will only stick to you if they get a piece of valuable information in return that will be beneficial for them. Pro Tip: Before writing the content, think from the customer's perspective, and then you write that content. This helps generate leads even if you cannot generate traffic through other marketing or advertising.

#6 Facility of InMails

Lead generation on LinkedIn is again easier with the help of Inmails. Inmails help you directly go to the audience's inboxes and converse with them indirectly. Moreover, inmails are worthy as they do not directly go to the spam folder because of LinkedIn's frequency cap feature on the sponsored ones. You can customize this personalized message that will directly land into an individual's inbox. Consider that these messages should be short, crisp, targeting, and convert the individual into the customer.

These days, few of the emails directly go to the spam folder because of the companies' cyber security measures. But Inmails are different, and you need not be worried about any spam.

What are the Misconceptions Regarding LinkedIn Marketing?

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A few misconceptions hovering around LinkedIn's platform need a clear air now. These misconceptions are responsible for keeping companies from marketing on LinkedIn for lead generation. They are:

  1. LinkedIn is limited. You might have heard this from a few people that linked In is a minor or conservative platform with lower exposure chances. On the contrary, the reports suggest that more than 500 million people seek you and your brand on this platform.
  2. Facebook or Instagram is better. Yes, they are better for posting your daily exercise routine or what you had in the lunch. Marketing on LinkedIn is equally effective to Facebook and Instagram, and seeking the target audience is more accessible.
  3. Irregularity of users is being predicted on LinkedIn. Some of you might think that people come up on LinkedIn only to update the resume or pieces of stuff like that, but it's a misconception. You won't expect all those millions of users to keep updating their resumes.

What's the Hype Behind LinkedIn Mobile App?

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The LinkedIn mobile app is an outstanding alternative to the website of LinkedIn, primarily because of its mobile feature and handiness.

The cost to create an app like LinkedIn varies between $4000 to $15000 and is in demand. After analyzing the opportunity here, many companies want to create a clone app similar to the LinkedIn mobile app. This chaos out around has risen from one single factor: Marketing.

Moreover, access to charts and other details is effortlessly accessible through the mobile application. LinkedIn App correspondingly proposes a premium subscription that is causing hype all around. With premium, you can expand your business with 6x more views on the account.

In conclusion, we can enunciate that content is always an integral part. Not the content that will give you a literary analysis but optimized content. Hence, we know that LinkedIn marketing is the best possible option for inbound and outbound lead generation in several ways. You need to focus on a proper strategy and learn about the algorithm. This kind of marketing is well off when done by the experts. You can find the best digital marketing agencies in the USA, such as Lenz Marketing or Allied Technologies, famous for social media marketing.

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