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Top 10 SEO Tools


Top 10 SEO Tools

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Search Engine Optimization is key to either launching a new website or even boosting an already existing website. It can help your business tremendously with increasing your rankings. An essential part of SEO is keyword research. This directly affects the organic traffic driven to your website increasing the sales of your business.

Luckily, due to more emphasis on SEO, more and more keyword and SEO tools have taken over especially in the digital marketing industry. Here are the Top 10 SEO tools and the best part is- they are absolutely free to use!

1. Wordtracker Scout

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Wordtracker Scout is extremely helpful, especially since it shows you your competition and provides you with the best keywords used by competitors and the ones you can use potentially. Wordtracker Scout can also be used on Google Chrome as a Google Chrome Extension, generating a summary of keywords as well as insights.

Advantages Disadvantages
User friendly even if you have limited knowledge of SEO and keywords Only available for Google Chrome and not any other browser
Sources keywords from your competitors to generate keywords for your company No original keyword searches are provided, only the ones from the competitor
Free to use! Only competitor analysis and competitor SEO is free, rest is on a monthly subscription

2. Answer The Public

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Answer The Public, focuses more on what users on the web are searching for the most on Google and Bing. As an Answer The Public user, you can enter a keyword and click on the option “Get Questions”. This will give you a report of keywords, helping you further decide what words or topics you should use in your content.

Advantages Disadvantages
Highly User friendly No SEO metrics displayed
Upto a total of 150 keyword suggestions on one single search More geared towards consumer insights instead of only keyword searches and rankings
3 searches allowed a day while using the free version $99 monthly packages for unlimited searches and data

3. Keyword Tool Dominator

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Keyword Tool Dominator is best at identifying the top 10 most searched keywords on leading platforms like Google, Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Etsy and Walmart. It does not only just focus on Google but more than that depending on what your business is about and what your business specializes in.

Advantages Disadvantages
Generates long tail keywords on platforms If you are a free user, only 2 daily keywords are possible without an upgradation to paid subscription
Generates the current important product keywords. Within Amazon it searches across 16 different market places. The appearance of the website is not the most user-friendly. Most made for users with experience.
Works with real-time and constantly updated data from each marketplace Search volume metrics are not included for the keywords generated

4. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

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Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a data driven platform that is very user friendly. It combines the questions generated by the user with the keyword research. This will help you plan your website’s content across platforms. Ahrefs Keyword Generator generates 50 questions related searches along with 150 keywords related to the questions.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keywords for platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon Quite expensive with a monthly subscription to view all the suggested keywords
Allows to view keywords in 170+ countries with United States as the default- this can be changed Only with monthly subscriptions, one can access all the filters
Keyword and search volume metrics are included for each single keyword generated No competitor analysis in the free version

5. Soolve

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The best part of Soolve is that it is great for beginners and very easy to use. Soolve provides instant results, giving the most used keywords for Google and other several search engines. Soolve is great at also finding the long tail keywords. All this will help you organize and decide the content and the exact words to put on your website.

Advantages Disadvantages
Generates keyword suggestions for search engines such as Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Google No metrics or search volume- might affect the search you derive
For free, you can perform unlimited searches with unlimited data No other feature for SEO other than keyword searches
You can save and even download your searches to use in the future Does not guide on how to implement these keywords in your website content for best results

6. Questiondb

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Questiondb works a little differently. It lets you ask questions and identify questions users are actually asking the search engines for specific topics. This gives the user a better understanding of what the users/potential customers actually want. As of now, Questions uses Reddit to source all these questions helping the user look at blog writing and more.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can export the data in CSV format to upload content calendars for your company’s content Only uses Reddit to source data so the data is limited in that sense
Has a database of over 45 million questions sourced from Reddit Keyword suggestions for smaller/ niche topics might be unavailable or limited
Gives you an understanding of what questions your audience is currently asking Functions more as a topic finder instead of a keyword researcher

7. Bulk Keyword Generator

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Bulk Keyword Generator works best for local SEO in whichever geographical area you are in. You have the option of selecting your industry type and your geographical location as long as what platform you want to be most prevalent in and this will generate a list of keywords for your company. If you provide many products, Bulk Keyword Generator can help you plan the keywords and content for each individual page depending on the product/ service.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can export the data in CSV format to upload content calendars for your company’s content Mostly designed for smaller, local businesses, might not yield great results for online/ big businesses
With the local competitor keywords, you can optimize your business and beat the local competition No other feature apart from local SEO
You can make unlimited list of keywords Keywords will be unlimited since it mostly only supports local businesses

8. Google Keyword Planner

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Google Keyword Planner is quite possibly the best of all. It is an Adwords PPC platform as well and can be used to analyze and identify the keywords for campaigns that are paid. This will optimize your organic search and free to use for anyone! Of course, it does need a little more practice.

Advantages Disadvantages
Generated from Google’s own server so the generated keywords are 100% accurate Does not pull data from any other platform only Google
Easy to use and understand Keyword suggestions are not extensive and fewer than other SEO platforms
Download and export results as CSV and you can have unlimited searches Keyword filters are few

9. Ubersuggest

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Ubersuggest is very easy to use. All you have to do is, enter the keyword you want results for and click on enter. These searches will also give you suggestions with the search volume and difficulty stats for SEO. Ubersuggest also allows you to view the comparison tab to plan your content and see what keywords your competitors are using and whether or not you can use them.

Advantages Disadvantages
More versatile in terms of data than Google Keyword Planner Uses Google Suggests to generate keywords
If you have local business, this is the best since it uses geographical local based data $29 a month is the subscription through which you can use filters for the keywords that are suggested
You can find your organic monthly traffic, top SEO pages as well as backlinks Does not feature or work on a mobile app, only via web on appliances

10. WordStream

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WordStream has a wide database of around 1 trillion keywords. The keyword searches are presented simply, so if you are a first time user of SEO, this will be fairly easy for you to follow through. They pull their information from a wide variety of sources- this is majorly why their database is huge.

Advantages Disadvantages
The keyword search tool gives you access to constantly updated keywords directly sourced from Google Analytics You have to provide your information such as your email to get a full list of keywords. Otherwise you only get 25 keywords
You can download their “Create SEO Content” extension so that you can plan your target keywords and content on your website Not a lot of additional SEO features
You can filter your keywords based on the industry and location of your choice System seldom becomes slow and takes time to load

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