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The new world, a virtual world, which is the future, is metaverse. It is a different aspect of modern technology that has left humans awestruck with its functionalities. The development simply shifted from 3 Dimensional movies that we used to watch as kids using smart glasses at multiplexes to the 3D world with different 3D models of humans. The question remains that what is exactly metaverse and why has the biggest social media platform; Facebook has changed its course of operation along with its name. How will it affect other business ventures? Is it important for the government to consider metaverse as a completely newest aspect of technology?

There are still a lot of questions remaining regarding metaverse and very little knowledge is being provided on the internet. Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) have been there in our communities for a long time now but more and more discussions about the virtual world have started right now, in 2021. Facebook is now Meta and has changed its name. This created a commotion all around the world as most of us are heavy social media users of WhatsApp and Instagram as well. This made us think that how is it going to affect our lives or change them completely. Let’s go step by step and find answers to all the questions.

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta?

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A simple answer would be to keep up with the changing science and improving technology. The complex answer to this needs some analysis in the field of business. Though Facebook is the largest social media platform, we cannot forget that it’s a business with Mark Zuckerberg as the name behind its existence.

Metaverse on Facebook can connect you with your friend circle easily. In a very simple explanation, we can say that Meta will create a Virtual Reality World, where you are the character, whose 3D avatars will be placed and those avatars will react according to your expressions along with a lot of other things inside. Metaverse creators have taken up the responsibility to help you learn that technology has no limitations.

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When the founder letter was released on 28th October by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, it was claimed that now is the time to accept a new brand that depicts the future technology. Now, the business of Facebook will diverge into two different segments: One of which belongs to the family of apps and the other will be related to technology.

As he explained, Meta means beyond and Facebook Company wants to move forward beyond what we see as a possibility today.

There are other speculations all around the globe regarding the reason behind the change of the name from Facebook to Meta where some people have made claims that one of its reason is to keep the stock prices and investors in coordination as the stock prices started declining before the major announcement.

But the simple statement claims that Meta is a different sci-fi world, and that’s what is the sole reason for the substitution.

MetaVerse Simplified

If we explain this theory in the layman language, we will have to stick to an example. Let’s take PUBG for example. Pubg came into existence in 2017 and blew the minds of people, especially youth with the kind of technology that they use. They can simply create a room inside the game where over 100s people can join in, come together, talk with each other and play. A virtual scenic view is created in this game with different locations and much more. If you are a game enthusiast, you must have come across this mesmerizing gaming experience. In PUBG, you also get to create your digital avatar, that plays your role inside the game. Metaverse is almost similar to this kind of technology, where there’s a virtual world and people can come together and talk to each other easily. All they need to utilize is smart glass, PC and internet. The only difference is, there will be another world on a digital platform.

Utilization of Metaverse in Different Business Industries

If utilized in the right way, this technology can help any industry boost and become a multimillionaire one. Let’s analyze these industries and how they are going to be affected using them.

As we talked about Facebook earlier, it is better to discuss the role of meta in business industries. The business industry is enormous and has variant sectors. The use of metaverse in such sectors can not only help enhance the companies technologically but also financially. Let us find out different sectors and the use of metaverse in it.

For Investors

The future it is, investment in this sector can make you not only a multimillionaire but one of the leaders in the industry. Recently, we got to know that another entertainment giant, Disnep has announced the inclusion of metaverse as well. So, why are people investing in such a world? The answer is, higher ROI rates that investors will be getting not now but definitely in the future.

For Event Managers

Event managers can grab this astounding opportunity to present their events or works to their would-be clients and easily close the deal. Now, the clients can easily witness the wedding or a distance wedding and check on the services provided closely, by just using the Virtual Reality headsets.

For Architects

Architects or architectural business’ has also got a chance to elevate their presentation by wiping out the older method of the present scenario of presenting 3D models of the design at the same place, and make the clients be assured of the real architectural design when it will be all ready, for the real world.

For Hospitality

Well, this industry can take up this idea to evolve further into the digital world. Major 5 star hospitality business chains can plan for business expansions in the virtual world and provide a room for the metahumans or digital avatars to meet and greet and stay together with a required amount of fee charged. Payment in this world can only be possible with the use of cryptocurrency.

For Tourism Industry

As we all are hit by the pandemic, travel restrictions increased and now you can’t easily visit whichever country you want. This has also affected the tourism industry widely all around the world as people are travelling lesser than previous. But being technologically improved, the tourism industry can also not sit back and incur losses, instead, they can earn profits and grow businesses.

Though it can not replace real tourism and its feels, the level of thrill can easily be matched up to some extent. VR excursion is a good option in such a case, where a virtual city tour can be given with the local feels.

There’s a website namely Drive and Listen, that is related to such a kind of excursion where you can simply sit in front of your PC and enjoy the driving experience of different cities and listen to the street noise along with the local radio at the same time. The creator of this website is Erkam who made this website during the pandemic that can uplift or relax your mood instantly.

For Education

Suppose you are sitting in your room and teaching 200 students at the same time without the students being present there. You will think that this can be done by being on a video call as all the universities are doing the same. But, with metaverse, the situation is simply reversed. Get the feel of being in a real classroom and teaching s many students as you can by just being where you are. Well, when students get connected to the internet and use VR glasses, their 3D models can substitute them and work as per the expressions of the real person.

Some of the major universities have already adapted this format of teaching as the new normal and will improve as the scenario of the lockdown worsens.

For Government

For governments of different countries, metaverse can generate profits in many ways. If the government of a certain country owns its cryptocurrency rather than using bitcoins or etherium or dogecoin or any other currency, the government can earn more and more profits.

This is also helpful for the civil servants or people who are serving in the army to help them meet their long-distance family members and loved ones. This is a very beautiful concept in this context.

For App Designing Companies

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App development agencies in the USA have already come across this new technology and are working on this project for years now. App development can also be elevated and expanded to certain levels using the metaverse and give amazing gaming experiences. There are many games such as cricket or baseball right now that can be played using VR smart glasses, that lets you feel the reality to the core.

Other industries such as the best digital marketing agencies in the USA have also started to utilize this electrifying chance to help their clients reach heights in the business.


AR: Through Augmented Reality(AR), you can see or add a digital avatar on the live scenario through the help of your phone’s camera. AR is being in use these days widely, especially by e-commerce websites that sell products for homes and other places. For instance, Amazon has started the AR preview facility for home decor items that makes it easy for the customers to decide. From a customer’s perspective, when you can see the product in your home through your camera, you can understand the product in a better way. It can be anything, a sofa, a painting or any other home decor piece.

VR: VR or Virtual Reality is what most of you are already aware of you. VR is something that we are accustomed to through 3D cinemas. With improvement in tech, VR has reached a whole new level and lets you experience the actual world in your surroundings. Immersion content is what you get to experience.

MR: Coming to MR or Mixed Reality, it is a combination of both AR and VR that gives you a mixed experience. Mixed Reality is right now emerging and is a new form of technology. Microsoft’s Holo Lens is said to be the first apparatus in the whole world to come up with this combined technology.

XR: Extended Reality acts as a shed under which all other digital enhancements fall including VR, AR and MR as well.


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Now you all are aware of the fact that your digital avatars are nothing but metahumans, which you can also create through a website namely Metahuman Character. With the help of coding, you can have the face and body structure designed for any human being in the world. Metahuman Creator is a cloud-based application that helps you to create and animate your other projects as well.

On this website, the access is actually for everyone, all you need is to request it and there you go. This website is made user friendly and easy to use. There are diverse ranges in the databases from which you need to choose a starting point and get started. Now, you can use sculpting tools for which all you need is to just drag it on your digital human. These metahumans are said to be physically plausible, that worlds according to data stored in the database, and makes your human look real. For accuracy, you can select the skin complexion and hair color carefully.

Here, the highest quality is guaranteed and it works on high-end PCs. You can even see every strand of hair, be it on the eyelids, head or beard. It comes with more than 50 readymade humans too.

Facebook Creators Bonus Program That Helps You Earn

A page on Meta namely “Meta for Creators” has recently created an outstanding opportunity for the creators to earn now. Now, there will be some monetization tools using which the creators can create unique reels and even go on live streams. Now, with the help of Meta, you can earn by doing what you love. This is what just the beginning looks like for us as creators on Meta. If you want to know more about VR in general, you can also book an experience at nowhere but Sandbox VR, with which you can have an eye-opening experience along with your friends.

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